Lab 3: Floating Point Representation

Due Tuesday, July 26

Goals for This Lab

By the time you have completed this work, you should be able to:

Provided files:

Step 1: Edit the lab3problems.txt File

Using a text editor of your choice, open the lab3problems.txt file. The file contains a series of questions for you to answer. The answers should be placed directly in the file itself. All questions must be answered correctly for full credit. Make sure you save your answers before you exit.

If you are working with others, record their names in collaborators.txt. Each collaborator should be listed one per line. If you did not collaborate with anyone, you do not need to edit collaborators.txt.

Step 2: Turn in Your Answers Using Canvas

Log into Canvas, and go to the COMP 122 class. Click “Assignments” on the left pane, then click “Lab 3”. From here, you can upload your answers in your local copy of lab3problems.txt by clicking the “Submit Assignment” button. Be sure that the file you upload is named lab3problems.txt, and that it is actually a plain text file. If you collaborated with anyone else, be sure to also upload your local copy of collaborators.txt. You can turn in the assignment multiple times, but only the last version you submitted will be graded.