Assignment 2: Introduction to Prolog Basics

Due Friday, October 14 at 11:59 PM

Goals for This Assignment

By the time you have completed this work, you should be able to:

Provided files:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Read Chapters 1-6 of the Amzi! Adventure in Prolog Tutorial, and Complete Related Exercises

There is only a single big step for this assignment: read chapters 1-6 of the Amzi! Adventure in Prolog Tutorial. This is a relatively short textbook which is freely available online. Links to the individual chapters are on the left side of the screen, below the picture of the flying squirrel (do not ask me why there is a random picture of a flying squirrel there...).

Exercises for chapters 2-6 are provided in the following files:

You must complete all of the above exercises. It is recommended to first read a chapter, then complete the exercises for that chapter, as opposed to trying to read in bulk and then complete the exercises in bulk.

While the turnaround time on this assignment is pretty short, this reading should take a proportionally small amount of time.

Step 2: Turn in Your Answers Using Canvas

Log into Canvas, and go to the COMP 410 class. Click “Assignments” on the left pane, then click “Assignment 2”. From here, you need to upload the following files:

In addition, if you collaborated with anyone else, be sure to download collaborators.txt and write the names of the people you collaborated with in the file, one per line. Please submit this file along with the other files.

You can turn in the assignment multiple times, but only the last version you submitted will be graded.